Bankruptcy Lawyers

Debt problems can arise for many reasons. A divorce, an illness, a job loss or a business problem can trigger financial stress that is compounded by the harassment of creditors and their collection agents.

The good news is that federal bankruptcy law allows a debtor to get relief through the courts. Bankruptcy relief is supported by the U.S. Constitution. Even the Bible supports forms of debt relief. Many famous people, corporations and even cities have used bankruptcy filings to deal with the pressure of intractable debt.

Every situation is different. If you think bankruptcy is right for you, talk to an experienced bankruptcy attorney.

Representing Consumers And Businesses In Important Financial Matters

At Bird, Jacobsen & Stevens in Rochester, Minnesota, we represent clients in Minnesota and Wisconsin bankruptcy matters. We are a local firm with roots in the community and a genuine desire to serve our clients.

If you need debt relief, we can help you by providing:

  • A customized strategy that helps you improve your financial situation and work toward a prosperous future
  • Representation in a Chapter 7 "liquidation," which can be used to discharge credit card debt, medical bills and other debts
  • Representation in a Chapter 13 payment plan that allows individuals and families to keep their homes and other assets while paying off debts over time
  • Advice regarding a Chapter 11 reorganization, useful for businesses that want to keep operating while dealing with their debt
  • Explanation of a bankruptcy judge's automatic stay, which stops creditors and collectors from contacting you
  • An alternative to bankruptcy that can help you accomplish your goals

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