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August 2016 Archives

Understanding Your Miranda Rights

Clients often ask why they weren't read their Miranda rights during police questioning. Sometimes, they ask why they weren't read their Miranda rights when they were placed under arrest. In DWI/DUI cases, clients sometimes ask why they weren't read their Miranda rights prior to a request for a chemical test of their blood, breath, and urine.

Introduction to Bird, Jacobsen & Stevens, P.C.'s Blog Series Involving the Fifth Amendment

In speaking with criminal clients, I am always surprised to learn how many misconceptions exist regarding criminal law. One significant area of misconception involves the issue of offering unfavorable statements against yourself to police. People often have wrong ideas about what their Miranda rights entail, about what "Pleading the Fifth" entails, and about what needs to be said or done during a confrontation with a police officer.

Attorney Andrea Niesen Recognized as a Qualified Neutral

Attorney Andrea B. Niesen is recognized as a qualified neutral under Minnesota law. On June 30, 2016, Attorney Niesen was placed on the Minnesota Supreme Court's roster of facilitative/hybrid neutrals. Attorney Niesen is available to mediate civil matters, including employment, contract, and personal injury claims.

Bird, Jacobsen & Stevens, P.C. Sponors Golf Fundraiser

This past weekend, Bird, Jacobsen & Stevens, P.C. sponsored a golf fundraiser for the Chatfield Lions Club. The event was a great time for all that participated. Attorney Jeremy Stevens formerly served as the President of the Chatfield Lions Club. For more information about this organization, please check out their website.Lions-Club.jpg

Construction workers: Staying safe in the heat

Employees or contractors who work in the heat have an increased likelihood of heat exhaustion, heat cramps and heat stroke. Your body attempts to regulate its own temperature by forcing blood to the surface of our skin. That means that there is less blood to go to your brain, organs and muscles. Prolonged exposure can be extremely dangerous.

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