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Attorney Borgen to Lecture on Recent Supreme Court Decision

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2018 | Injuries |

In a recent blog, we wrote about how Attorneys Bird and Borgen helped revive an injured worker’s claim at the Minnesota Supreme Court. The case involved a man who was seriously injured at work by a defective product. The man’s case was dismissed at the district court level because the judge concluded as a matter of law that the man’s injury was not foreseeable to the product manufacturer. At the Minnesota Supreme Court, Attorneys Bird and Borgen filed a brief on behalf of the Minnesota Association for Justice, urging the Supreme Court to conclude that the issue of foreseeability, in a close case like the one at bar, was for a jury to decide after hearing all the facts at trial–not by a judge as a matter of law. The Minnesota Supreme Court agreed with Bird and Borgen’s arguments and reversed the district court’s decision. The Minnesota Supreme Court’s decision will have a big impact on defective product cases moving forward. The decision’s reach, however, is not limited defective product cases. The important principles from the case will have a lasting impact for all injured persons in Minnesota. The injured worker was represented by Rochester attorney Paul Dahlberg of Patterson Dahlberg. Attorney Borgen has now been asked to lecture on this decision at an upcoming seminar hosted by the Minnesota Association for Justice. The program, Don’t Step on that Landmine: Critical Case Law Developments and Discovery Issues, will take place on March 7, 2018 in Minneapolis, MN.