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Do workplace injuries happen when you work remotely?

On Behalf of | May 20, 2020 | Injuries, Workers' Comp |

Many people have completely shifted their workplace environment over the last few months, and specifically, more employees are staying at home during the workday.

However, it prompts questions surrounding work-related injuries. Are injuries at home during work hours considered a home accident or a workplace injury? The answer may be surprising to some remote workers.

Workplace protections in the home office

According to MPR, workers’ compensation is still eligible for remote employees. Even if you are on a break during the accident, you may still qualify for payment to cover lost wages, medical costs and even rehabilitation services.

Before you receive any compensation, your employer may ask questions to determine whether or not the injury is work-related, such as:

  • Did the company require the employee to engage in risky activity?
  • Did the company approve the remote work beforehand?
  • Did the employee’s behavior benefit the company?

Your employer may investigate your claims, but there could be a strong likelihood that you receive the compensation that you need.

Due to the compensation, many employers encourage employees to set up distinct, safe areas for their home office to prevent injuries. They may even suggest equipment such as standing desks, adjustable chairs and

However, if you slip and fall while performing work duties, it will be treated similarly to falling in the office. You will still seek medical attention and report the injury to your managers. Do not wait to report your injury until it’s more severe.

Take the time to see a medical professional and secure the funds you need to treat your work-related injuries, no matter how severe they are.