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How to safely share the road with bicyclists

On Behalf of | Jul 23, 2020 | Injuries |

Most Minnesotans love spending their summer days outside, whether you choose hiking, walking or biking. However, there are certain dangers for drivers as more bicyclists and pedestrians hit the city streets.

Commuters will need to take additional precautions while driving this summer in order to keep the road safe for themselves and bikers riding alongside them throughout the day.

Pass with caution

Similar to passing pedestrians or other vehicles, it’s critical to pass bicyclists with caution and as slowly as possible. You never want to speed pass a bicyclist in the case they fall or swerve into the road. Also, it helps if you also use caution turning at intersections for the same reasons.

Keep your distance

Many cities, like Rochester, incorporate bicycle lanes into their newer streets. However, bike lanes aren’t always a given. In those circumstances, make sure to give the bicyclist ample room to maneuver and ride away from your car. It also allows you more time to react in an emergency.

Yield for bikers

If someone is traveling on a bicycle, you should yield to them. Allowing them to go first is usually the safest option for most circumstances. If you do yield to a bicyclist, make sure to make eye contact and acknowledge that they should cross or turn before you.

Never assume

It’s important to reiterate that you cannot assume you know a bicyclist’s actions. There are many circumstances where people lose control or act strangely while biking on the road. In those situations, make sure you are vigilant and drive defensively instead of aggressively.

It’s your job, as the driver, to ensure that the road is as safe as possible for bicyclists and pedestrians alike. However, if you ever end in an accident due to another person’s actions, it’s crucial to collect evidence and seek immediate medical attention.