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Bearing the pain of shoulder injuries at work

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2020 | Workers' Comp |

The shoulder is a crucial part of the body as it’s essential for upper body movements and lifting objects from one place to another. For many employees, they require using their shoulders to perform basic duties throughout their workday.

However, shoulders are also incredibly easy to strain or injure due to the muscles and tissues contained within the joint. The pain can be excruciating in some circumstances and debilitating for those who work in physical labor.

Prevention is key

Due to the consequences of shoulder injuries, it’s important to prevent any risks for accidents in the workplace, including:

  • Using proper lifting techniques – Follow proper protocols for moving goods and make sure to keep your back straight and focus on your leg muscles.
  • Take breaks from power tools – Breaks are critical for any employee. However, it’s really important to take breaks from power tools to avoid excessive vibrations in your shoulders.
  • Maintain good posture – It’s a simple tip, but proper posture helps keep your body in alignment and reduce the tension of your back and shoulders over time.
  • Reducing stress on your body – Shoulder injuries can also happen while lifting your arms above your head or reaching into high areas. The less tension you can put on your body will help in the long run.

While these tips will prevent most common injuries, it’s possible to fall on your shoulder or experience a strain while performing work duties. In those cases, seek medical attention and determine the best options for workers’ compensation. It’s important to do it as soon as possible after a work accident.