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Why do motor vehicle accident rates spike during summer?

On Behalf of | May 29, 2024 | Car Accidents |

Summer’s sunshine makes it the perfect season for vacations and carefree adventures. Unfortunately, this season also inspires a rise in motor vehicle accidents. While the exact reasons that any particular crash occurs vary, several factors contribute to this broader trend.

An obvious culprit is the significant spike in the number of vehicles on the road. With schools out and families embarking on road trips, traffic congestion rises dramatically. This translates to more cars vying for the same space, increasing the likelihood of motor vehicle collisions.

The weather

Summer weather itself presents unique challenges for drivers. Hotter temperatures can lead to dehydration and fatigue, impacting reaction times and judgment. The intense heat can cause tire pressure to fluctuate, potentially leading to dangerous blowouts. Other mechanical issues, like overheating engines, can also arise due to the strain of summer temperatures.

So, what can be done to navigate the roads safely during summer? The key lies in increased vigilance and proactive measures. Drivers should try to make sure their vehicle is in tip-top condition before any long trips by checking tire pressure, fluid levels and overall performance.

Road construction

Beyond the impact on drivers and vehicles, summer brings an increase in road construction. Warmer weather creates ideal conditions for road repairs and maintenance. However, construction zones introduce additional hazards, with detours, lane closures and unfamiliar traffic patterns requiring heightened awareness from drivers.

Impaired and distracted driving

Summer also coincides with a spike in alcohol-impaired driving. Celebrations like barbecues, holidays and vacations often involve alcohol consumption. Unfortunately, some motorists opt to drive after drinking, significantly raising the risk of accidents.

Multitasking behind the wheel is another major concern during the summer months. Beautiful scenery, passengers vying for attention and the allure of using electronic devices while driving all contribute to a decrease in focus on the road.

By exploring the reasons behind the summer surge in accidents and taking necessary precautions, road users can all contribute to safer roadways. That said, it’s crucial to acknowledge that accidents might still happen despite taking necessary precautions. Affected motorists can pursue compensation for their injuries, if that harm was caused by another’s negligence.