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What Should You Do If You’re Charged With A Criminal Offense?

Depending on what you are accused of, being charged with a criminal offense in Minnesota is one step in a complex process that can end with a prison sentence or other harsh penalties. What you do in the hours, days and weeks after being formally charged can mean the difference between an unjust conviction or a not guilty verdict, being forced to plead guilty or a fair chance at dismissal of the charges.

At Bird, Stevens & Borgen, P.C., our criminal defense attorneys go to court for our clients. We will take your case to trial or represent you on appeal. Our years of experience practicing criminal law in Rochester gives our clients the best possible chance at a fair outcome, no matter how serious the charges are.

Five Dos And Don’ts After Being Charged With A Crime

The police and prosecutors are trained to get criminal suspects to give evidence against themselves. There are things you must do to protect your constitutional rights and your legal options if you are being investigated for a crime or have been charged with a criminal offense:

  • Remain silent. The section of the Miranda warning where the police tell you that you have the right to remain silent is there for a reason. Any answers or statements you make can end up as evidence against you at trial. Instead of trying to talk your way out of the charges, tell the police you won’t answer questions until you have spoken to your defense attorney.
  • Hire a lawyer. The single best thing you can do to preserve your rights during criminal proceedings is to retain a defense attorney who knows how the system works and will fight vigorously for you. The sooner you have a defense lawyer on your side, the more options you will have to resolve your case.
  • Remember witnesses. If you know anyone who knows something that can help your defense and how to contact them, let your attorney know about them.
  • Be honest with your attorney. Everything you tell your lawyer is protected by the attorney-client privilege. You can tell them everything relevant to your case without fear of judgment or getting yourself into more trouble.
  • Don’t miss your court dates. Skipping a court date will only make things worse for you and can lead to jail time. Do everything you can to show up to court on time.

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