Legal Representation In Minnesota And Wisconsin

How A Personal Injury Lawyer Can Make A Difference

After a car accident, if an insurance company quickly offers you a settlement for your injuries, you may be wondering why you need a lawyer at all. The truth is that without a Minnesota attorney at your side in your personal injury case, you may miss out on the money you deserve. There is a lot a lawyer can do for you, so it pays to have a skilled one at your side.

At the Bloomington and Rochester offices of Bird, Stevens & Borgen, we have been representing the injured for more than 30 years. We know the challenges that come with a personal injury claim, and we know how to help our clients in their pursuit for the money they need.

What We Can Do For You

An insurance company’s settlement offer may seem appealing, but it is likely less than you deserve. Insurance companies often pressure accident victims to accept a lowball offer as a way of saving the company money. Instead of settling for less, we can review your case, determine the actual cost of your injuries, and pursue a fair settlement on your behalf.

We have secured millions of dollars in settlements from major businesses and insurance companies, and we are not afraid of a fight in these cases. We see ourselves as problem solvers and want to make a difference in the lives of injured people throughout southeastern Minnesota and western Wisconsin.

Did you know that insurance companies often use two types of adjusters? One to speak with injury victims who are unrepresented. And another type to speak with attorneys.

Our dedication to clients has also resulted in a long history of referrals, and we are fully prepared to help you through your case in the manner that best reflects your needs. At our offices, you can rest easy knowing someone is fighting for you.

The Representation You Need

No one should ever go through a personal injury claim on their own. If you want to learn more about how we can help you, schedule your free initial consultation. Call us at 952-209-9978 or send us a message online today. We get results and truly care about the people we serve.