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What Is Alternative Dispute Resolution?

When a contract dispute or another disagreement cannot be resolved privately between the parties, many people assume that the only way to put the matter behind them is to file a lawsuit. After all, having a judge or jury rule on your case probably seems like the best way to reach a definitive outcome. In reality, however, the process may not be that simple. Minnesota courtrooms are busy places, and it might take quite a while for your case to be heard. Opposing attorneys may attempt to delay the case further or move to have it dismissed altogether. And while your case drags on, legal expenses can mount.

Mediation Might Be A Better Way

At Bird, Stevens & Borgen, P.C., in Rochester and Bloomington, Minnesota, our attorneys can help clients resolve their disputes outside of a courtroom. Alternative dispute resolution, as it is known, focuses on getting the parties to work out a solution in a conference room rather than a courtroom. By choosing to have a dispute mediated, the two sides can talk through their differences and come to an agreement without going to trial. Mediation may not be appropriate or possible for every situation, but the benefits can be significant:

  • Cases can be resolved sooner, without having to wait weeks or months for a courtroom hearing.
  • Resolving the dispute can often be accomplished in a matter of hours – over the course of an afternoon, for example – instead of the time that a trial could take.
  • The parties involved often find the setting for mediation to be considerably less stressful than a courtroom environment.

Learn More About How Alternative Dispute Resolution Could Benefit You

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