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Experienced Commercial Litigation Attorneys In Rochester

A business dispute can emerge in a variety of ways. Sometimes, the conflict feels very personal, rooted in hurt feelings between partners or shareholders. In other cases, the matter seems more technical. If you are looking for a lawyer to help you address a business-related conflict, you have probably tried to deal with it, unsuccessfully, on your own or with the help of people you trust. We can help you plan your next steps if you have been unable to resolve the issue.

The Right Business Lawyer Can Make A Big Difference

At Bird, Stevens & Borgen, P.C., based in Rochester and Bloomington, Minnesota, our commercial litigation attorneys represent and advise businesses in Minnesota, Wisconsin and elsewhere. While we always advocate for early attempts to resolve business disputes and we believe litigation should be a last resort, we know that sometimes a lawsuit can’t be avoided. When that happens, hiring the right lawyer makes a big difference in the outcome. Most of the time, your desired outcome will relate to protecting your rights if:

  • Your business has been competed against illegally by a competitor
  • Someone is suing you
  • There has been a breach of contract or alleged breach of contract
  • You need a third party to help you settle a matter without going to court

The attorneys at Bird, Stevens & Borgen, P.C., have broad experience resolving business disputes through litigation. We have handled many cases involving business fraud, false advertising, contract disputes, consumer fraud, construction defects, minority shareholder disputes and intellectual property concerns.

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Business litigation can take many forms. Sometimes, a strongly worded letter is enough; in other cases, you may need to appear before a judge. Either way, you can talk to us about your legal needs. Call our Rochester office at 507-218-2392 or our Bloomington office at 952-209-9978, or contact us online. We also have significant experience resolving issues through alternative dispute resolution techniques.