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Full-Service, Workplace Injury Third-Party Claims Lawyers

Suffering an injury at work can take you off the clock for an extended period of time. The Minnesota workers’ compensation system is intended to streamline the legal process to get you the compensation you need to maintain your life and get you medical care. Unfortunately, Minnesota’s workers’ compensation system also is designed to allow employers to minimize their costs. However, if a third party – someone other than a co-worker or your employer – caused your injury, you may have a separate personal injury claim against that party. This is known as a “third-party claim.” A third-party claim greatly broadens the compensation available to you as a result of a workplace injury.

Comprehensive Workers’ Comp And Personal Injury Representation

If you have suffered an injury on the job in the Rochester area or throughout southern Minnesota, your best option is to contact the full-service injury lawyers at Bird, Stevens & Borgen, P.C. We have extensive experience successfully handling both workers’ compensation claims and maximizing compensation in personal injury claims and lawsuits. Because we do not confine our practice to one segment of injury law, you can rest assured that every detail of your injury and accident will get the full attention it deserves.

Workers’ compensation benefits are more limited than what you may be entitled to if a third party caused your injury. You owe it to yourself to seek all of the compensation and benefits you deserve. We are here to fight to maximize your compensation after an injury. In addition, Minnesota law allows the workers’ compensation carrier to recover some of what they have paid you if you recover money from a third party. The law addressing how much needs to be paid to the workers’ compensation carrier is complex and is very fact dependent. We have handled these cases for decades and know how to maximize your recovery.

Do You Have Two Claims For Your Workplace Injury?

Not every workers’ compensation lawyer handles personal injury or Social Security Disability claims. Not every personal injury attorney handles the full spectrum of injury claims. We do. Our comprehensive approach to analyzing injuries and accidents can be your advantage in pursuing all of the compensation you are entitled to receive. You may be able to supplement your workers’ compensation benefits in a claim against a third party. A nonexclusive list of the types of accidents that may lead to more than one source of compensation includes:

  • Construction site accidents involving a subcontractor or worker from another company
  • Work-related car or truck accidents involving a third-party driver
  • Loading dock accidents involving a worker from a separate company
  • Product liability claims involving defective products or tools
  • Claims against a negligent property owner for off-site, work-related injuries

Turn To Attorneys Who Know How To Fully Analyze Complex Work-Injury Claims

To arrange a free and confidential consultation with a lawyer who has a strong command of both workers’ compensation and third-party claims, call our office in Rochester at 507-218-2392. To reach our office in Bloomington, call 952-209-9978.You may also choose to contact us online. We are here to answer your questions.