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Trusted Representation In Medical Malpractice Claims

Doctors have a duty to diagnose and treat patients in an ethical manner that is free from negligence. Part of the Hippocratic Oath – the oath that physicians take ceremonially – is a pledge to do no harm. In the same way, hospitals are held to certain standards of care that are meant to protect patients. If you or a loved one was seriously injured by the negligence of a health care provider, it may be in your best interest to bring a lawsuit. Depending on your circumstances, you may be entitled to compensation. When professionals make mistakes, the consequences can be serious and occasionally devastating. When hospitals and insurance companies cover up medical negligence, it adds insult to injury. It is often very difficult to obtain documents, digitally stored data and other evidence to prove that a mistake was made. For this reason, choosing the right lawyer – a knowledgeable, experienced trial attorney – is important in a medical negligence case.

Do I Have A Case?

The medical malpractice attorneys of Bird, Stevens & Borgen, P.C., an experienced law firm in Rochester, Minnesota, and Bloomington, Minnesota, can advise you if your case involves birth injury, surgical error, diagnostic error (such as cancer misdiagnosis), a mistake involving medication or any other serious problem.

Choose The Right Lawyer

Professionals routinely pay insurance companies for malpractice insurance, creating a fund for recovery of money by injured consumers. In our system of justice, this means that insurance companies, not the professionals, handle the “purse strings” on any malpractice claim. They hire “expert witnesses” from a pool of well-paid consultants who are at their beck and call. They hire extremely well-paid lawyers from “silk stocking” law firms to defend every case. It is often difficult and always very expensive for injured consumers to take on these insurance companies to obtain justice and hold negligent professionals accountable.

Choosing the right lawyer is important when considering making a professional malpractice claim. The lawyers at Bird, Stevens & Borgen, P.C., know how to get documents and other evidence from insurance companies. We know how to fight for consumers’ rights and how to hold negligent professionals accountable. We investigate claims on a case-by-case basis.

At Bird, Stevens & Borgen, P.C., we do not file “frivolous lawsuits.” This means that we never accept a case without knowing, before filing suit, that the evidence establishes both negligence and damages flowing from that negligence. We consult with experts in the field of practice to make sure there is a solid basis for making the claim. As a result of doing a vigorous investigation and obtaining opinions from consulting experts, we weed out the frivolous cases and turn down many potential clients who fail our rigorous standards for accepting such cases.

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