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Injuries or illnesses suffered on the job can have a significant financial impact on workers and their families. Unexpected medical bills and lost wages can quickly lead to a financial crisis. The good news is Minnesota has established a workers’ compensation system to provide benefits to injured workers, including payment for medical bills, lost wages, compensation for permanent injuries, vocational rehabilitation when appropriate and dependant benefits if an injury or illness proves to be fatal.

Workers’ compensation benefits are available to an injured worker regardless of who was at fault, even if an employer does not carry workers’ compensation insurance. All workplace injuries and illnesses are covered under the workers’ compensation system. At the Rochester and Bloomington law firm of Bird, Stevens & Borgen, P.C., our lawyers can help guide injured workers to recover the compensation to which they are entitled.

Experienced Handling For All Types Of Workers’ Compensation Cases

We handle all types of workers’ compensation injuries and claims, including those involving:

  • Back and neck injuries: Lower back and neck injuries can be extremely painful and difficult to explain to others as there are often no outward signs of injury. If you are experiencing this type of pain and feel that it is related to your job, either as the result of a specific incident or due to performing repetitive tasks over a period of time, our attorneys can help you explore your compensation options and help direct you to the appropriate medical providers.
  • Shoulder injuries: Shoulders are some of the most common injuries our clients suffer at work. Often an injured shoulder can lead to overusing the other shoulder, leading to an overuse injury. Many times, that is compensable under the workers’ compensation system. We can help explain your legal rights if your shoulder has been worn down over time or if an accident at work has led to a serious shoulder injury.
  • Nurses and certified nursing assistants (CNAs): Nursing is a physically demanding job. In addition to helping patients, nurses and CNAs are exposed to potentially dangerous patients and harmful diseases. These professionals are particularly prone to back and shoulder injuries. We help people in the medical field get the compensation they deserve when they have suffered due to the demands of their job.
  • Construction accidents: Construction sites are dangerous places, filled with the potential for things to go wrong. Whether you were injured due to a fall, were struck by an object, were hurt due to unsafe equipment or suffered another type of accident, we are here to help you fight for your lost wages and medical benefits. Many times, the injury is caused by someone other than the employer or fellow employee and can lead to another case. We routinely handle this type of case, which is called a third-party claim.
  • Denied workers’ compensation claims: Despite the faultless nature of the workers’ compensation system, few cases are open and shut. Insurance companies will do everything they can to limit their payout. If your claim has been denied, call us. We can help fight the denial and get you the benefits to which you are entitled.

Workers’ Compensation Eligibility And Available Benefits

Many factors affect a worker’s eligibility for benefits and the level and duration at which benefits are paid. The attorneys at Bird, Stevens & Borgen, P.C., have many years of experience representing clients in the workers’ compensation system, have obtained benefits for workers with a wide range of injuries and have tried hundreds of cases over the last three decades. We have the experience to provide knowledgeable advice and representation for injured workers.

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If you or a loved one has been hurt or diagnosed with a job-related illness, speak with us. Contact us online, call our office in Rochester at 507-218-2392, or call our Bloomington, Minnesota, office at 952-209-9978 to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your situation.

Workers’ compensation matters are handled on a contingency fee basis, meaning we do not charge attorney fees unless we obtain compensation for you. At times, workers’ compensation claims can also involve Social Security Disability Insurance issues. Bird, Stevens & Borgen, P.C., also has extensive experience representing clients in Social Security Disability matters and can guide you through complicated cases that involve workers’ compensation and Social Security benefits.