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Workers’ Compensation Benefits For Shoulder Injuries

The shoulder is a complicated body part, with numerous muscles and connective tissues that can suffer injury, and a ball joint that can wear out. Many upper body movements – and countless work-related tasks – depend on the proper functioning of the shoulders.

A shoulder injury can be painful, debilitating and frustrating. If your injury happened at work or because of the work you do, you need to talk to a workers’ compensation lawyer about your legal rights. If the injured worker is a family member or a good friend, you can encourage them to get proper legal advice as soon as possible after the injury.

By law, your employer needs to provide certain wage benefits and medical benefits. Workers’ comp is meant to cover shoulder injuries that many workers experience as a result of repetitive movements and accidents.

When You Need An Advocate To Get You What You Deserve

At Bird, Stevens & Borgen, P.C., in Rochester, Minnesota, we advocate for the rights of workers, especially workers whose claims are being handled unfairly by employers and insurance companies. We can answer questions like:

  • How much am I entitled to?
  • When should I talk to my supervisor about my injury?
  • What if my shoulder started hurting when I was at home?
  • What do I do if they are denying my claim?
  • How do I deal with a QRC (qualified rehabilitation consultant)? Why should I be cautious about working with a QRC?
  • What does an independent medical examiner or adverse medical examiner do? (Hint: They’re not there to help; they’re on the insurance company’s side.)

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