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Time Is Of The Essence In Fighting DWI Charges

The shock and embarrassment of being charged with drunk driving can be overwhelming and paralyzing. You may be tempted to wait and see if the problem goes away rather than face it head-on. But doing nothing in this situation is one of the biggest mistakes people make.

Acting fast is critical to defend your rights and mitigate the consequences of DWI. In Minnesota, you have only 30 days to challenge losing your driving privileges. Once your license is revoked, the process of reinstating a driver’s license after a DWI conviction is long and arduous. There are no guarantees for timely reinstatement.

You need to have an attorney review your case right away. Waiting can cost you in not having a strong defense ready to present in combating the charges. A DWI defense attorney can help you choose the best way to proceed with your case and work toward a positive outcome.

Aggressively Defending Clients Against DWI Charges

The attorneys at Bird, Stevens & Borgen, P.C., have extensive experience fighting drunk driving charges and drug-related DWI charges. They know what it takes to build a strong criminal defense strategy. They work aggressively to achieve results in DWI cases. Call our Rochester or Bloomington office to request your free case consultation at 507-218-2392. Our team can help you with the many aspects of your case, including developing a defense strategy to poke a hole in the prosecution’s case. We do this by conducting a thorough investigation that focuses on issues such as:

  • Was the traffic stop carried out in a legal manner?
  • Did the police use proper equipment in conducting the breath test?
  • Was there probable cause for the DWI arrest?

Asking the right questions in DWI cases and other criminal cases often results in the ammunition we need to beat the case or negotiate a favorable plea deal. Our goal is to obtain the best possible outcome for your case. The law states that you are innocent until proven guilty. This is how we approach every case. We will make sure the burden of proving guilt remains where it belongs: on law enforcement and the prosecution.

DWI Convictions Have Serious Consequences

If you’ve been charged with drunk driving in Minnesota, you could be facing serious consequences. A conviction for driving while intoxicated can lead to harsh penalties, including:

  • Jail or prison
  • Monetary fines
  • Loss of driving privileges
  • Higher insurance premiums
  • Failing background checks when applying for jobs
  • Community service
  • Tarnished reputation
  • Family stress and problems

Whether this is your first time facing drunk driving charges or you’ve been charged with a second, third or subsequent offense, you need a strong DWI defense. You need an attorney with experience who can protect your rights and your reputation. To learn more about DWI charges, check out our DWI FAQ page.

Strong Legal Defense Is The Best Chance For A Positive Outcome

The lawyers at Bird, Stevens & Borgen, P.C., offer a free initial case consultation. Contact us via email to arrange a meeting with a DWI attorney. You may also call our Rochester office at 507-218-2392 or our Bloomington office at 952-209-9978. Get started on your defense today. Visit our blog pages to read articles about DWI charges.