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Were You Injured By A Dangerous Product?

When individuals purchase a product, they should not have to worry whether the product is defective or will lead to serious personal injury. Unfortunately, many people suffer serious harm from defective household goods, children’s toys, motor vehicles, tools and other products due to the negligence of designers, manufacturers or others in the distribution process. In some instances, big businesses are fully aware that they are offering a dangerous product, and they simply place the product in the marketplace anyway to generate revenues under the idea that the cost of injuries is worth the risk to the company.

The attorneys at Bird, Stevens & Borgen, P.C.​, in Rochester and Bloomington, Minnesota, have extensive experience representing people who have suffered serious injury from using a dangerous product. Products liability cases require detailed legal and factual analysis. Our trial lawyers know how to evaluate, investigate and develop strong claims, aimed at results. We have the resources to take on big businesses and hold negligent parties accountable. Our legal team is able and willing to go the distance at trial, when necessary, to champion the rights of our clients.

Full-Service Consumer And Workplace Injury Attorneys

In order to prove that a product is defective, you must prove that the product was defective in its design, its manufacture or how it was marketed. Our firm has experience in handling all three types of products liability cases. In particular, Bird, Stevens & Borgen, P.C., has represented numerous individuals who have been injured by a defective product while on the job. If you are injured while working, you should receive workers’ compensation coverage; however, you also have the right to pursue compensation from the product manufacturer or seller if the product was unreasonably dangerous. In fact, our full-service injury representation is unique in that we are one of the only few firms that have extensive experience handling workers’ compensation cases as well as products liability cases.

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